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This is a widely accepted accounting qualification, which is recognized by many employers, as an entry requirement, to your working career, in the accounting and business studies. Citypro Institute offers you a choice of 3 options to cater to the needs of individual students.

Option 1
Double Group Diploma in Accounting and Diploma in Cost Accounting
*Cost Accounting
*Management Accounting
  Business Statistics
  Advance Business Calculation

     -Select TWO subjects as the main subjects for the Double Diploma award
Must pass all FIVE subjects in one examination series

Option 2
Single Group Diploma in Accounting or Cost Accounting or Management Accounting
*Cost Accounting
*Management Accounting
  Business Statistics
  Advance Business Calculation

     -Select ONE subject as the main subject for the Single Diploma award.
     -Must pass the main subject plus any TWO subjects in one examination series.

Option 3
Diploma in Computerised Accounting
*MYOB Computerised Accounting
  Advance Business Calculation

- Must pass THREE subjects within 24 months
     - Compulsory subjects will be Accounting and MYOB Computerised Accounting

*Main Subject (compulsory subject)

Exam Session Series 2 – May
  Series 4 – November
  On demand (MYOB Computerised Accounting)

Diploma in Business Studies
To apply, candidates are required to pass any 3 of third Level subject within 12 months.


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